Our brand new Shopify art-on-demand App has now gone public and is available from the Shopify App Store. This app connects your Shopify store directly to your Cloudstore account enabling full publication of products and handling orders automatically. If you have not already signed up to Shopify, you can start a free trial here:




Setup Instructions

Let's get started by following this guide

  • Install shopify app

    If you have not already signed up to Shopify, you can start a free trial here. To connect your Shopify store to this Cloudstore acount, head to Shopify App store, search and find Cloudsore art-on-demand app. Install the app in your Shopify online store and grant access for cloudstore to integrate. You will then be redirected to a setup page within cloudstore domain, where you should login using your Cloudstore account credential. This will complete the integration and connect the Shopify store to your Cloudstore account

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  • Options Setup

    In Options tab create the shopify options you wish to offer. For example size, you may want to offer three sizes: 'Small', 'Medium' and 'Large'. For each option, create an entry and type the 'Option' name as you wish to appear on online store, next enter 'Type' which will be the title displayed before the option, in ths case 'Size'. For the 'Media' field select the queue where the print job should go and finally select a 'Template' to define the actual print sizes ( templates and print sizes are pre-defined in Configurateion/Templates section)

    next configure variants
  • variants setup

    Condigure variants you want to offer through your online Shopify store. Just like on Shopify Admin, you can add a variant and select up to three options, from a list of options addedd in the previous step. You can also choose to define prices for your variants here or leave it to add in your shopify Admin later. Once you have created all your variants, create a set of variants to add to an mage to publish. This will make it easier to publish manay images with a same set of variants. In the sets tab, create an entry and name it to identify and select the variants to be included,

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  • Publish image

    Go to Kiosk, browse and select an image to publish. Underneath the image you will see a small shopify icon. Press the Shopify icon and enter/edit details of the image to publish. Select a set of variants and the store you wish to publish to (you can have multiple Shopify stores connected). Select the collections in online store to be added to and finally decide if you want the published image to be live immediately or just added to admin dashboard. Press Publish and wait for success confirmation.

    Congradulations, you are done!

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